Call for Dissertations

Students who have completed their dissertations between June 2017 and August 2021 are encouraged to submit their theses for the dissertation panel/competition.

Dissertation will be shortlisted and considered for awards in three separate categories: Ancient/medieval/early modern period; the long 19th century; and 20th century. The three finalists in each category will be invited to present their work in the dissertation panel. Theses written in languages other than English will also be considered, although the abstract needs to be in English.

The deadline for electronic submissions of the theses, along with information on past and current affiliation of the student, advisor, 500-word abstract, and any other pertinent information is December 1st, 2021. All materials should be sent by email. All submissions will be acknowledged by a reply email. Selection of finalists will be announced by March 1st, 2022.


Call for Poster Submissions

The World Economic History Congress offers the opportunity to PhD students and junior postdoc researchers to present their research to an international audience. Poster sessions are an informal and interactive way to present an ongoing research to a broad audience and to get useful comments and feedback. Selected posters will be on display for a few days during the congress in order to give them maximum exposure. During special poster sessions, presenters will present their poster and engage further discussions on their research.

Posters will be selected on a competitive basis. We welcome historical applications in any field of economics or cognate social sciences, business history, demographic history, environmental history, global and world history, social history, urban history, methodological approaches to historical research, history of economics and economic thought, and other related fields. A jury consisting of members of the Executive Committee of the IEHA will assess the posters and give a 250 euros award to the best poster.

If you are interested in participating in the poster session, then submit a proposal before January 31, 2022 containing your name, email address and institutional affiliation, the proposed title of the poster, and an abstract of the contents (max 400 words). All materials should be sent by email. Posters should highlight some research questions and hypotheses, sources and methods, and give some results by combining text and graphics.

Candidates will be informed by March 1st, 2022 of the selection. The selected candidates will then be required to submit their poste as a digital PDF document before July 1st, 2022 and take a full-size (A0) printed version of the poster with them to the congress.


Call for Digital Resources

A new competition entitled “Digital Resources for Economic History Competition” is organized in Paris to reward innovative initiatives for both general public and researchers. The competition, supported by the AFHE (Association française d’histoire économique) under the patronage of the IEHA, is open to all junior and senior researchers.

The competition is divided into 2 categories: “Dissemination of Knowledge” and “Digital Innovation”. It offers the opportunity to promote ongoing projects involving new technologies in economic history.

Dissemination of Knowledge. We welcome all propositions based on a digital support dedicated to the popularization of knowledge for large audiences in the field of economic history. Accepted supports are: blogs & websites, videos, serious games, computer graphics, academic documentaries, apps or any digital support that might be displayed on a large video screen on Campus Condorcet. A special session will give the opportunity for each selected candidate or team to give a 15min presentation on their project.

Digital Innovation & Research. We welcome all propositions from researchers and organizations using new digital tools (software, apps, databases, etc.) at any stage of the developing process (from projects to published results) in the field of economic history. Accepted supports should fit an on-screen presentation. A special session will be organized for 15 minutes presentations of each innovative project, and discussion with the audience.

A jury consisting of members of the AFHE will assess the presentations and give a 400 euros award to the best project of each category. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. All materials should be sent by email to.  Selections will be announced by March 1st, 2022.